Slideshow: Week in Pictures 26-3-15

An ideal window of clear weather allowed for an atmospheric viewing of the Solar Eclipse at the Callanish Stones on Lewis last Friday.

As well as the country’s media crews, a strong crowd of locals, visitors and school children gathered to watch the rare event.

The Callanish Stones was a busy place this morning.

The Callanish Stones was a busy place this morning.

Weather conditions allowed the eclipse to be seen and an eerie darkness fell over the prehistoric site for a time.

Stornoway Gazette weather correspondent Dr Eddie Graham recorded a 1C drop in temperature during the eclipse.

Residents of Great Bernera are to move ahead with plans for a community buyout of the island after an historic vote in favour last week.

The results of a ballot were declared at the count in the Bernera Community Centre last Thursday evening. Of the 230 residents, 142 voted Yes and 37 voted No with a turnout of 85.2 per cent.

Tom MacDonald, Chair of the Great Bernera Community Development Trust said the next step would be to apply to the Scottish Land Fund for a grant to complete the purchase.

The North Atlantic Ocean may have beaten the St Kilda Swim Team last summer – but the nine-strong swim team are getting set to try again in May.

With sponsorship from Talk Talk, the team aim to re-attempt the challenge to swim a 60 mile open water stretch from the Dual World Heritage site St Kilda, through the North Atlantic to Harris, in a bid to raise funds for The Leanne Fund, Yorkhill Children’s Charity, The Fishermen’s Mission and Aberlour Child Care Trust.

Historic sites in the Western Isles have been digitally scanned in a futuristic project to archive them for the next generation.

Using cutting-edge 3D technologies, the Historic Scotland Digital Documentation Team were recently on Lewis and Harris where they scanned the Arnol Blackhouse, the Callanish Stones and St Clement’s Church at Rodel.

The programme of work is part of the ambitious Rae Project which is seeking to digitally record all of the 345 sites Historic Scotland looks after, and their associated collections.

Catherine (Kate) Mackay celebrated her 100th Birthday on 12th January with a party for her friends and relatives in Dun Eisdean, Stornoway. Catherine was born and bred in Gravir.

Remarkable pictures show how golden eagles were able to survive the Scottish winter with the help of feeding them deer carcasses.

Remote camera footage shows the fearsome hunters tearing into 300lb of meat from the dead hinds and reducing them to bones and hide within a few weeks.

The feeding programme took place on North Harris in the Western Isles, which has one of the highest concentrations of gold eagles in Europe.

NQ Business and IT Studies students at Lews Castle College raised a massive £552.94 for the British Red Cross after bag packing in the Co-op in Stornoway.

The first Island competition for Highland Dancing took place in Stornoway on Saturday 14th March, where dancers from Lewis and Harris and the mainland attended the Mackinnon Festival. The Mackinnon Dance School would like to thank everyone who came along to support the Competition and congratulate all the dancers who took part.