Smalls For All appeal

Two Lewis ladies are calling on the island’s females to help their sisters in Africa by donating old, but good condition, bras and pants.

Inspired by Tisha Stenhouse’s Facebook post drawing attention to the ‘Smalls for All’ charity, Body and Sole owner Iline Murray has offered to hold a Drop-In event at the beauty salon on Keith St, Stornoway, next week where people can drop off underwear to be shipped to the charity.

Established in 2009 by Maria Macnamara, Smalls for All aids health, hygiene and social problems faced by many women in Africa due to the simple fact they do not have underwear.

It’s not just the health and hygiene factors tackled by the charity, but also provides security for many ladies as underwear is often seen as a status symbol – the woman who can afford underwear tend to be seen as having someone (father, husband, brother) who cares for them; they are not seemingly alone and vulnerable therefore.

“So, ladies, dig out all them bras you don’t wear – the quicker this can happen, the quicker these bras will be sent off to all the ladies and children who desperately need them!” urges Tisha

Smalls for All also helps a number of orphanages and is funding the education of seven children in Kenya. And to date the charity has collected 97,778 items of underwear, disturbed 75,451, and recycled 10,000 (bad condition) bras.

“It’s a fantastic idea and we’re only too pleased to be able to help,” said Body and Sole’s Iline.

“People can drop their old bras – in ok condition – off at the salon any time after 1pm on Wednesday and, if they can, buy a pack of girl’s pants up to teenage years.

“We’ll can collect it and box it away to charity, and a local haulage company has agreed to take the collection onto Edinburgh free of charge for us. It’s going to be great to know that we’ve all helped.”

To find out more about the work of Smalls for All, please visit website