SNP launch manifesto for council elections

The SNP in the Western Isles has published a manifesto today (Monday) for action on the Comhairle after the elections on May 3rd.

Talking about the manifesto SNP Council Group leader Donald Manford said: “Real progress will only come when council candidates are prepared to stand on a detailed and considered series of pledges, and be judged by how they keep them.”

He added that this was something that had been missing from local politics in the Western Isles in the past.

The priorities set out in the SNP’s manifesto include:

Supporting a continued council tax freeze

Working with – rather than against - the Scottish Government, to get the best deal for the islands

Campaigning for fairer fuel prices

Defending local schools, with a presumption against further closure

Decentralising some services within the islands, so local communities get more say

Maximising public sector jobs in the islands and striving to avoid compulsory redundancies

Paying all council staff a “living wage”

Ensuring elderly and vulnerable people have the opportunity to be cared for in their own homes

Ensuring everyone in primary school gets 2 hours of PE (2 periods in S1-S4) and that every pupil has the chance to learn to swim

Ensuring community access to school buildings

Promoting the further growth of Gaelic medium education

Prioritising increased dual track on the spinal route

Working with the Scottish government to ensure the roll out of improved broadband connections throughout the islands

Maximising the involvement of communities and individuals in the decisions that affect them

The full manifesto can be viewed at: see