SNP signs up 250th member in Islands

WESTERN Isles Alasdair Allan has welcomed the SNP’s 250th member in the Western Isles and said the recent growth in party membership in the islands was a measure of the “historic opportunity” now facing Scotland through the forthcoming independence referendum.

Alasdair Allan commented: “There is only one political party in Scotland whose membership is growing rather than declining - and that’s the SNP. In the islands there has been a steady growth in membership over the last five years, with SNP membership up significantly since 2007.

“Now that we have passed the 250th member milestone, I am confident that membership will continue to rise. We have signed up more than twenty-five new members locally in the few weeks since David Cameron’s ham-fisted intervention in the referendum alone.

“As across Scotland, people in the Western Isles realise that something exciting is happening in Scotland - the opportunity is approaching for everyone to have their say in Scotland’s future and to make our own decisions as a country.

“That positive message contrasts sharply with the dismal and relentless negativity of the UK parties who seem determined to talk Scotland down at every opportunity they have. The SNP membership continues not just to grow, but to become more active, and more involved in the life of island communities.”