‘Something For Sienna’ charity walk

Baby Sienna underwent open heart surgery at Yorkhill Children's Hospital.
Baby Sienna underwent open heart surgery at Yorkhill Children's Hospital.

A very relieved and grateful mum has organised a charity walk to say thank you to the staff who saved her baby’s life.

Rosie Macaulay and 20 of her friends and family will be walking ten miles from Achmore on the Pentland Road to Tesco supermarket in Stornoway on Saturday 17th May in thanks to the staff at Yorkhill Children’s Hospital in Glasgow.

Last July Rosie’s daughter Sienna was born and started receiving treatment for clubfoot at Yorkhill Children’s Hospital.

When she was just 12 weeks old doctors also discovered baby Sienna had a heart murmur. She was taken back to the hospital the next day and underwent open heart surgery a week later.

Rosie explained: “Sienna recovered so amazingly from her operation and we were home six days later! She is now almost 10 months old and is crawling and babbling away and is such a happy wee baby. To look at her you would never know she had ever had hospital treatment.”

Rosie continued: “I’m wanting to do this walk because of how lovely all the hospital staff were to me and Sienna. If Sienna hadn’t had that operation she wouldn’t have seen her first birthday and without the treatment for her club foot she wouldn’t be able to walk very well when she does eventually start.”

The ‘Something For Sienna’ charity walk will start at Achmore at around 11am on Saturday 17th May, and the team expect to finish the 10 mile walk at around 3pm so please look out for them and cheer them on. You can also sponsor the team by visiting the JustGiving page online at: www.justgiving.com/Something-for-Sienna.