Special service at St Columba’s for Norwegian visitors

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When the Norwegian Cruise Ship ‘The Gann’ berthed at Stornoway during her tour of Scotland last week some of the passengers took part in a special worship at St Columba’s Church.

The passengers had contacted the Salvation Army requesting the service and more than 220 of them, along with some of the crew attended, and then enjoyed some refreshments afterwards.

They thanked the islanders for their hospitality and the warm welcome they received from everyone.

The next day the group went on bus tours around the island and a walking trip on the west coast.

The ship is part of the campus for a Christian Secondary School in Stavanger, Norway and is run by the Young Sailors Christian Association.

Their students live on board and study navigation, seamanship, engineering, deck work and catering.

In summer The Gann runs commercial cruises, usually with a Christian theme.

Two former missionaries were on board on this tour.

One of them, Aslaug Ihle Thingnaes, who is employed by the Norwegian Missionary Society, addressed the congregation in St Columba’s through a Norwegian/English Interpreter and Callum Newton of the Stornoway Salvation Army gave an interesting summary of the development of Christianity within the Western Isles.