Sports Centre car park closure

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On 7th November 2011, FMP will commence a six week programme of works to resurface the main car park area to the rear of the Comhairle HQ and which predominantly serves the Sports Centre. During these works, there will be no access to this area to members of the public and alternative parking arrangement will be implemented and clearly signposted. Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times and adjusted on an on-going basis to suit the construction works. Comhairle members of staff are requested to park on the Acres Pitch car park and to the overspill area to the rear if necessary. A copy of the Phase 1 Disruption Management plan is attached for ease of reference identifying the areas in which the main contractor FMP will be working.

In early January 2012, the second phase works will commence which will see the car park area to the front of the Comhairle HQ reconfigured and resurfaced. Completion is scheduled for early April 2012. The final road layout which comprises the new one way system serving the Comhairle, ISL and Nicolson Institute campus will become operational at that point in time, with all access and egress being taken from a new location on Sandwick Road which will be located between the existing Comhairle HQ and the new Nicolson Institute building. Further details and the Disruption Management Plan for this phase of works will be published in due course.

On completion of Phase 2, a third and final phase of works will remove the current site entrance located on Sandwick Road and it will be replaced by a pedestrian footpath and soft landscaping. This will complete all of the disruptive works required to accommodate the new access and car parking provision serving the entire