SRAC review of 2015

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The past 12 months have wihout doubt been SRAC’s most important years to date, with the club punching above its weight on many levels across Cross Country and Road and Track and field events.

It was a year where the club had 2 national champions in Donnie MacLeod and Connor MacLean, and also saw four other national individual medals coming SRAC’s way with the club also picking up a national team medal for the first time as well. The season also finished with exciting, young SRAC prospect Connor MacLean heading State-side to take up a full athletics scholarship, the first club athlete to step up to this level.

At grassroots level, the club’s junior section continues to grow, with 10 new assistants taking their first steps in to coaching, and the senior side of the club has also expanded with sessions catering for many levels - from beginners to elite. 2015 saw the junior ranks grow by 32 per cent to 104, and the senior membership almost double with an increase of 79 per cent to 97. We also saw snazzy new club kit available with the support of some sponsorship from MacLeod & MacLeod & WJ MacDonald Butchers – and of course the iconic Stornoway Black Pudding.

SRAC’s calendar is always a full one between local events and also attendance at various events on the mainland. As one of the farthest travelled clubs in Scotland, the club spend upwards of £14,000 annually to get to the top mainland competitions, an unparalleled club commitment, and its coaches and volunteers are its very heartbeat.

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