SSE charging 2p per unit surcharge on Isles, say Poverty Group

Electricity giants SSE are imposing a 2p surcharge on island customers for every unit of electricity compared to other consumers in Scotland, say the Western Isles Poverty Action Group.

Cllr Angus McCormack, Chair of the Poverty Action Group, said: “This is a national disgrace. The Outer Hebrides has the highest fuel poverty figures in Scotland at 71% (compared to a 27% Scottish average). A two pence reduction in unit costs would have a significant impact on fuel poverty. A consumer using 1500units per year would save £300.”

He added: “The PAG call on the Scottish Government to resolve this iniquity as a matter of urgency. It will seek the support of the Comhairle, WIHB and the Community Planning Partnership to lobby to have this absurd anomaly rescinded immediately. How can SSE claim to have any social conscience when it is complicit in creating the conditions for fuel poverty?”