St Brendan’s replacement discussed

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A two storey care home and hospital could be built on Barra to replace St Brendans.

NHS Western Isles met this morning (Thursday) to consider a feasibility study which looked at the possibility of upgrading or replacing the existing St Brendan’s in Castlebay.

The study found that the best option was for a new build on the current site rather than to upgrade the existing building which would involve closure of the hospital and care home for at least a year.

Gordon Jamieson, Chief Executive of NHS Western Isles stressed that the report was only a technical assessment and did not include any of the detail which would be required for the business case.

The report prepared by the Comhairle’s Technical Services department highlighted that adjoining land would have to be purchased if a new build was to go ahead and there was also an issue with the water supply capacity which did not meet the requirements for a new build in terms of fire fighting.

The management of health and safety on the site during construction was also discussed as it would include an operational hospital and care home.

The board approved the recommendation that a full business case be commissioned but added that a clinical needs analysis should also be undertaken as a matter or priority.