Stag Bakeries at Marks & Spencer

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Stag Bakeries has announced that their listing with Marks & Spencer has been extended.

Stag Bakeries’ Smoked Dunlop Cheese Straws is now available within the branded artisan food range at 200 Marks & Spencer stores.

The cheese straws were developed to showcase Stag’s Scottish heritage and made with a carefully selected Scottish artisan cheese, Smoked Dunlop, which is an organic, unpasteurised cheese traditionally smoked over whisky barrel shavings.

The gourmet straws are hand-baked at Stag’s bakery, Stornoway

Charlie Macdonald, owner of Stag Bakeries said: “We are obviously really pleased that Marks & Spencer has extended their listing to include the Smoked Dunlop Cheese Straw.

“We have been supplying them with our Stornoway Seaweed Water Biscuits and Seaweed Oatcake since April and sales out of the store have been at an exceptional rate.

“Marks & Spencer is synonymous with British quality, so we are very pleased that our brand will continue to be featured in store.

“This range extension will help showcase the breadth of our product range. We have exciting new products launching in 2016 which will continue to showcase our Scottish island heritage.”