Stornoway Gazette Big Referendum Debate - possible questions for the panel

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Today (Thursday) is the deadline for submitting questions to put to the panel at the Stornoway Gazette’s Big Referendum Debate being held at Stornoway Town Hall on Monday, September 1st.

Here are just some of the questions (below) being considered for the debate.

If you would like to submit a question please email:

Ticket allocations for the event took place in Ness this morning and Harris this afternoon, but even if you miss out on a ticket you can still view the event via our live-stream of the debate.

Click on to this link to take you to the sign up page for the live stream. Sign in via Facebook or email and on the night you will get an email to say the stream is about to begin, meaning you can watch the debate as it happens.


Welfare cuts are causing 100,000 disabled people losing benefit and 100,000 children moving into poverty how can that be described as ‘Better Together’.

What will happen to our pensions, we have an ageing population in Scotland, so there won’t be enough people to pay for them, and will we get what we have already paid into our UK pension?

How much will an Independent Scotland inherit of the UK £120 billion assets and what will Scotland’s share be of the national debt?