Stornoway Gazette columnist tweets the books of the Bible

Rev ID Campbell
Rev ID Campbell

A former Free Church of Scotland Moderator is tweeting through books of the Bible in only four words in a bid to educate people about their main themes.

Tweets from Rev Dr Iain D Campbell, minister of Point Free Church on the Isle of Lewis, have already made it round the world and his followers have grown to over 1,400.

The biggest book in the Bible, the Psalms, was described as ‘in praise of God’ whilst predictably the account of Genesis was shortened to ‘in the beginning God’.

The well-respected Christian author began the project on April 20 with Genesis, and is sharing one book a day. He expects to finish with a short summary of Revelation on 24 June.

Dr Campbell explained: “I actually stumbled across the hashtag #fourwords on Twitter, in which people were writing meaningful phrases in as succinct a way as possible, and I thought it would be good to do that with the books of the Bible.

“It’s a challenge to myself because of the uneven length of the books.

“I think sometimes it’s good to do something snappy to remind ourselves that the Bible is a library, a collection of themes, a big story.

“Anything that draws attention to what the Bible says is good.”

The former Free Church Moderator continued: “I’m pleased at the way it has caught the imagination of people, and already I’ve had some interesting suggestions, particularly for the Book of Revelation!

“I’m happy for any fellow tweeters to improve on my suggestions.”

A Free Church of Scotland spokesman added: “The chances are that most people on Twitter couldn’t name all 66 books of the Bible, so it’s an engaging way of sharing the key themes in bite-size chunks that folk can actually remember.

“Dr Campbell is very accomplished writer and we are pleased that so many people have been following his activity.”

Twitter users can find his tweets with the hashtag #biblebooksinfourwords or follow Dr Campbell at @revdridc

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