Stornoway Gazette going tabloid? Give us your views

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The team at the Stornoway Gazette would like to hear your views on what you want and need from your local newspaper.

What would you like to see in your local newspaper and what format would you like to see the paper in?

In the past we have had some great responses from our readership, many of which have already lead to changes in content (dedicated monthly Gaelic page, bigger paper with more content, better sports coverage, improving property and motors sections and more nostalgia). We are keen to continue to take your lead to improve the paper.

In our last survey there were some strong opinions highlighted about the format of the newspaper – suggesting a smaller size to make it more accessible. To consider this particular issue more, with the possibility of changing the size of the paper, we have created a survey based on this particular aspect.

We appreciate the continued support we get from our readership, both in print and online, and the input we get from your feedback.

A new questionnaire about the Stornoway Gazette can be found on page 20 of this week’s Gazette and online at