Stornoway Gazette Letters 18.7.13

Jenny Morrison took this lovely photo of a bothy on Loch Faoghail an Tuim. She think's it's beautiful, even when the sun isn't shining!'To contribute your photos to our Beautiful Islands feature, email: Include your name, address, where the picture was taken and what inspired you to take it, as well as any technical information about the picture.
Jenny Morrison took this lovely photo of a bothy on Loch Faoghail an Tuim. She think's it's beautiful, even when the sun isn't shining!'To contribute your photos to our Beautiful Islands feature, email: Include your name, address, where the picture was taken and what inspired you to take it, as well as any technical information about the picture.
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It is interesting to read in your columns the concern for reaching out to young people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Like as in the days prior to the revival in 1949 young people are interested in their own things rather than seeking after the things of God.

There will be those young people who will go along to church with their parents but how many would do so if given a choice not to go.

It is one thing to go to a church service. However, it is another to have a daily living testimony of Christ within our lives.

This is not religion or doctrine, for this is a life which is in a right relationship with God. This is a life which knows sins forgiven and has the risen Christ living within.

Once someone has the risen Christ within whether they have gone to church all their life or a young person who has just received Christ as their Saviour they will never be the same again.

Their whole life will be given to Jesus for whatever Jesus may then ask of us it is as nothing when measured with Calvary.

Rev Dr. Brian Mason

Conwy LL28 4RG


Mr Alex Neil, Parliament Health Secretary, seems to be on cloud nine when he announces, with a sense of triumphant euphoria, a bill to allow same sex couples to marry

in Scotland.

He can be assured that genuine Christians, and other people, across our country are saddened by this deeply offensive bill.

Can I give advance warning to him, and all his dizzy 88 politician colleagues, who are currently in favour of ‘revising’ marriage, that no legal Bill will ever change the Divine honouring union of proper marriage, as instituted by the law of God.

One can hardly believe that our grand little nation has sunk to this way of thinking, acting and legislating.

As members of the Scottish Parliament have obviously great difficulty in understanding English, maybe certain things should be explained to them in plain ABC language. Marriage is for one man and one woman. The very definition of a husband is that he is married to a wife. The definition of a wife is that she is married to a husband.

God created marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Mr Neil also prefers to brazenly disregard what the wise people of Scotland have told him about their views on same-sex ‘marriage.’

Of the total number of 77,508 responses he received over the consultation document in the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill, some 65 % unambiguously voted against any change to the definition of marriage.

In other words “no” was the majority answer of the Scottish public.

What MSPs are doing, is not listening to what the people of Scotland are loudly saying about this issue. It is both disgraceful and undemocratic.

They can be assured of one thing: there will be huge repercussions in days to come.

I am certainly happy to go on public record in strongly objecting and rejecting his outlandish and scandalous ‘marriage’ bill which is wholly against what the Bible clearly states about this sacred union.

If Mr Neil foolishly thinks that he, and his giddy like-minded 88 political colleagues, can legalise same-sex marriages in Scotland and think it is okay then they are living in cloud cuckoo land.

Mr Donald J Morrison

Inverness, IV2 3HT


Your readers may have seen coverage of the Cavendish Review, an independent review into Healthcare Assistants and Support Workers in the NHS and social care.

As the Chairman of HC-One which runs Blar Buidhe Care Home in the Western Isles, I was proud to see our innovative training programme for our care staff highlighted

in this national report.

Many local residents who visited care homes throughout Western Isles during the recent National Care Home Open Day will have seen that the people who work in the care sector do a tremendous job with real compassion and professionalism.

It takes a special kind of person to look after elderly and vulnerable residents and for me it is a real privilege to work alongside them throughout the year.

Camilla Cavendish wrote very movingly about the ‘extraordinary dedicated carers’ she met as she was preparing her report.

She also said that: “Our society is incredibly lucky to have so many people with a dedication to caring.”

I would like to add my tribute to the wonderful and kind people who look after the elderly in Western Isles 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

They do a great job and deserve all our support.

Dr Chai Patel

Chairman, HC-One 


I have to confess the Hebridean Celtic Festival is probably more of a lure to come home to Lewis nowadays than it is to see the place I grew up or old friends.

I don’t know if that says more about me or about just how great the HebCeltFest has become?

It is the highlight of my summer as I get to pack up the family and head across on the ferry for a weekend of nostalgia, dancing, excitement, top-class music and entertainment – and if we are very luck some sunshine.

This year’s line-up looks great and despite his notorious reluctance for banter with the crowd I can’t wait to see Van Morrison.

Blasta too sounds like a unique musical mesh which I will certainly be checking out.

It is a wonderful sight to see the streets of Stornoway, and the pubs and cafes, as busy as they are in festival week.

The island seems to do a roaring trade and it is the best time of the year to visit I think.

I can’t believe it’s 18 years since the festival first came to the isles but I hope it keeps bringing people and joy to Lewis for the next 80.

Cailean Macleod


EDITORIAL - HebCelt success is set to continue

The Hebridean Celtic Festival officially comes of age this year with its 18th event.

It can be safely said that this event is one of the success stories of the Western Isles over the last two decades.

The Festival has generated millions for the local economy over that time, it has also put the area on the map for visitors who might not have known where Stornoway was, and if they did they probably had no inclination of visiting, before the music festival called them to our shores.

The slickness of the Hebridean Celtic Festival has changed over that time from a fairly small event finding its way in the jungle of the entertainment world, to now a highly professional four-day event which generates lots of information about its programme, artists and effectiveness throughout the year.

However the nature of the event has not really changed, the spirit of community is strong at the HebCelt from the army of volunteers - both local and international - who come to lend a helping hand and make sure all runs smoothly. The far-flung Hebridean natives who make their annual pilgrimage home to coincide with the event and the families who enjoy the entertainment on offer.This community has built in line with the festival’s success.

And it is that sense of community which will probably ensure that the HebCelt will continue to be a successful event in the future, while the struggling economy piles pressure on people’s pockets, and other festivals struggle to draw their audience - battling against falling ticket sales, the HebCelt is set to have one of its most successful years to date. This continued success must be due to the fantastic local support offered to the event - quite simply we love it!

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