Stornoway Gazette letters 30/8/12


As the Lewis football season draws to a close I, as a Westside exile, feel it fitting to put on record the pleasure I have had watching the exploits of Westside FC, especially their performance in the E.A.F Cup which has seen them contest the last five finals, being successful in three of them.

On numerous occasions en route to these finals they have been on the verge of elimination but their spirit and determination has seen them through.

The latest example being a stirring second half fight back in this year’s final against Carloway.

After decades in the doldrums they have restored pride in our local team with determination and no little skill. No praise can be too high for them and we should all be proud of them with the hope that success will be maintained in the coming season.



May we, Western Isles Samaritans, through your letters page, publicly acknowledge our deep appreciation of the support given by so many on the occasion of the recent awareness-raising visit to the island by Samaritans volunteer and biker David Exley.

The ‘reception committee’ of local bikers who met David at the airport, providing him with the use of a motorcycle and escorting him on his runs, made his welcome very special; so a big ‘thank you’ to Louis from the Royal British Legion Motorcycle Club for letting David ride his prized bike and to the other bikers for making the day so memorable.

We are indebted to the following for their contributions: WJ MacDonald, Butcher; Stag Bakeries; Tong Recreational Association; Jonathan MacIver; Wee Studio; Keri and Emma (who despite having to compete with our noisy generator, gave a performance of some fine singing and music); Millie and Alice and a very special thank you to Stuart for all his hard work on the day.

We were delighted to have MSP Alasdair Allan and Councillor Charlie Nicolson come along to meet David.

So to all involved in whatever way, well done, the awareness-raising event was well highlighted!

Maybe David’s parting words best sum up the day: “You are a wonderful people and I’ll be back.”



I see plenty of comments about ‘buying the land’?

And now even a play ‘We have won the land’, but I can’t see how the land is actually being bought, as it’s only through lotteries, which in itself is wrong biblically, and through other doubtful government agencies that it’s being bought, if you can call it that!

I don’t believe anyone has bought it to be truthful about it all, no land has actually been purchased as such, by the people themselves.

This is only purely a socialist manupilation of ethics and words, not truthful in its essence.



I am urging the nation to share their professional skills and passions to support local charities, community groups and clubs. It’s vital that we support these groups with our skills in a bid to help them survive during difficult economic times.

I volunteer across the nation supporting community groups and young people who are interested in my passions such as music, railways and trains.

I know first hand the difference it makes to their lives.

After school and sports clubs, small charities and community groups urgently need people to share their skills and passion to help them survive. From web design, marketing or accountancy to a personal passion for photography, gardening or music – everyone has a skill they can use to help others.

This year’s Make a Difference Day on Saturday 27th October is the nation’s biggest single day of volunteering and we need you to start thinking about how to share your skills to benefit your local community. Nearly a million people have taken part so far.

You can register for CSV Make a Difference Day now to receive free resources to help create an inspirational volunteer project. So whether you want to take part with your company, school, community group, or even go it alone, get in touch now by visiting or calling FREEPHONE 0800 284 533.

PETE WATERMAN, CSV Make a Difference Day


IN 2006 eight island registered fishing boats stopped fishing. The following year the number was 22; 2008 came and 14 more vessels were gone; 2009 the total to cease fishing was nine, and last year the number of registered boats lost from the islands’ fishing fleet was 26.

This decline maybe dramatic, but not unexpected as financial pressures, catch quotas, increasing regulations and inspections all add to burden the fisher’s purse.

The situation proves a success story for the Comhairle however, as the authority has been – and still remains – a strong and dedicated champion of the local fishing fleet.

As detailed in our front page story, a number of grant schemes and loans have been established by the Council over the years.

And when these cease to work, the Comhairle isn’t shy about seeking out alternative methods to help fund island fishers and maintain one of the Western Isles oldest traditions.


In regards to our front page story concerning the St Kilda trademark we are inviting letters on how you think the Comhairle’s trademark will benefit the Western Isles. 
Write to: Editor at Stornoway Gazette, 10 Francis Street, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis HS1 2XE
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