Stornoway High Church cleared to call a minister

Lewis Presbytery of the Church of Scotland has unanimously granted Permission to Call (a Minister) to Stornoway High Church of Scotland.

The High Church has been vacant since the retirement of Rev Willie Black in 2010 and was recently at the centre of a controversy over the Church’s position on Civil Partnerships and the Ministry.

Following a long period of uncertainty, a number of parishioners left the High Church on 22 April to set up a separate fellowship.

A sizeable Church of Scotland congregation continued in the Matheson Road building and, although a previous Permission to Call had expired, there was an application for its reinstatement.

Session Clerk in Stornoway High Church, Mr John Cunningham, said: “This is an answer to prayer and we are thankful to God and to our friends on Presbytery for allowing us this opportunity.

“The search now begins, under God, for a man of His choosing to become Minister of the Stornoway High Church congregation.

“Whoever is called to this post will be rewarded by the opportunity to work with a warm, loving and receptive congregation to bring the Gospel to the people of Stornoway.”