Stornoway man helps save lives in Afghanistan

Dave Morrison
Dave Morrison
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A Stornoway man has spent four months at the heart of controlling Coalition aircraft in the demanding skies of Afghanistan.

Pilot Officer Dave Morrison (26), a former pupil of the Nicholson Institute, has recently completed the gruelling training required to be an elite Weapons Controller at the School of Aerospace Battle Management, RAF Boulmer, Northumberland.

He used his expertise whilst on detachment to the Middle East where he controlled UK and US aircraft flying in the busy skies of eastern Afghanistan. He also directed fighter aircraft to assist friendly ground forces who were fighting with the enemy. Pilot Officer Morrison said: “It was hugely challenging but knowing that you were saving coalition lives every day made it a very rewarding experience.”

Dave now shares his experiences of serving in the Middle East and teaches new controllers at the School of Aerospace Battle Management.

Above Dave is pictured controlling a sortie in the Middle East.