Stornoway Post Office shut until Wednesday


Stornoway’s main post office branch in Francis Street is currently shut due to an unforseen ‘technical difficulty’, it is not expected that the branch will reopen until Wednesday, February 29th.

A spokesman for the Royal Mail Group detailed the exact nature of the problem, saying: “There was an issue with the layout which was causing a security risk and health and safety issue.”

Engineers will be working in-branch tomorrow to resolve the situation and it is hoped then that the town’s main office will be re-opened the following day.

The spokesman added that in the meantime Stornoway customers are being directed to the Bayhead sub-office where extra staff have been placed to ensure smooth running operations.

Customers needing to renew road car tax were being advised to travel to Ness or Harris, but the Royal Mail now advises that they can access this at the Bayhead branch if they are able to pay by cheque or cash.