Stornoway priest welcomes Dawkins to Stornoway

Stornoway Priest welcomes visit by Richard Dawkins to Faclan Hebridean Book Festival

The Rev Shona Boardman, Priest in Charge of St Peter’s Episcopal Church, Stornoway believes that the churches in Stornoway have no reason to fear or object to what will be said by Professor Richard Dawkins when he appears tonight (Friday) as the headline speaker at this year’s Faclan Hebridean Book Festival.

Far from the disappointment that has been expressed by some on the island to the invitation to Professor Dawkins to speak at the book festival, the Rev Shona Boardman welcomes his visit to the island and says “my calling as a priest demands that I engage with popular culture and if I am to live in the world and to engage with the world I need to know what people of all faiths and those with none have to say. To be able to engage in open-minded dialogue with people of all faiths and none is an important part of the life of the Church.

“I’m very clear that atheism is not to be feared and I do not see it as a threat to my own faith or as a threat to the Scottish Episcopal Church or indeed any other church denomination!

“I am therefore looking forward to hearing what Professor Dawkins has to say at tonight’s event, and to then engaging in conversation with others about it all!”