Stornoway’s Bridge centre and their community work

The Stornoway Bridge Community Centre’s commitment to the community was underlined recently in its success with a funding bid of over £4,000 to increase opportunities for young people in the Stornoway area.

The money will purchase more mountain bikes, roller blades, skateboards and new ramps for the very popular skate area at Bayhead.

The equipment will be supported by a youth work programme aimed at developing skills and interests and demonstrates a clear commitment to listening to young people.

The centre will offer organised mountain bike trips, teach rollerblading and skateboarding and commit to supporting the young people through all areas of life. Cash Back for Communities is a programme of diversionary activities for young people to increase the opportunities they have to develop their interests and skills in an enjoyable, fulfilling and supported way, using funds recovered from criminals.

On top of this, the centre’s busy teaching the importance of community investment, last week they took delivery of a 105 tree sapplings from a charity called the Woodland Trust through their More Trees, More Good programme. The trees were planted in partnership with the Stornoway Trust to enhance the Bayhead Park.

The next event on offer is a charity day organised by two young helpers, Shannon Crossley and Chloe Campbell.

The girls wanted to support the Leanne Trust and worked with Bridge Centre volunteers to put the fun day together. The day will offer rally car rides, classic car rides, the police sniffer dog display, bouncy castle, food, drink and loads more from 1pm-4pm this Saturday. Please come along and support the girls in raising funds for the Leanne Fund.

Looking even further forward, the Bridge Centre is looking for people to nominate others who deserve some help and support through their summer Youth Alive Programme.

The aim is to have young people, supported by volunteers, serve in the community by helping those who deserve help. Email: suggesting someone or an organisation that needs help, why they deserve it and exactly what needs done.