Stornoway shoppers trapped in lift

SGD. 18813
SGD. 18813

The Fire Brigade were called to help four shoppers trapped in a lift in Stornoway at the start of this week.

On Monday at about 10am the shoppers, who were in M&Co on Cromwell Street, found themselves trapped when the lift experienced a mechanical fault.

The Fire Brigade were called and helped the shoppers out of the lift.

A spokesperson for the service said the Firefighters didn’t have to do much, once the lift ‘settled’ they were able to press the button and escort the four people out.

The store manager then took the shoppers out for a coffee to make up for the incident before they returned to the store and bought a few items.

It is understood this is not the first time shoppers in M&Co have been stuck inside the lift recently, however a spokesperson for the company declined to comment on this.

The spokesperson explained that the lift would be out of action until the problem is resolved.

She said: “We take our customers’ safety very seriously and are working with the lift engineer to ensure this matter is resolved efficiently.

“The lift currently remains out of commission due to us being a health and safety conscious company and we apologise for any inconvenience caused to our customers.”