Stornoway wind farm drop in event attracts big interest

A wealth of new ideas and interest was generated at the first community drop-in event for the Stornoway Wind Farm to discuss how community benefit could be best used across the local area.

The event on 10th March attracted nearly 50 organisations to have their say in how community benefits from the wind farm could be spent.

A special drop-in event for the public was held from 11.30am to 7pm on Thursday 10th March 2016 at Stornoway Town Hall, which followed a smaller event for individuals that had been involved in some preliminary discussions at the Woodlands Centre.

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Nearly 200 individuals from some 50 organisations attended the events which were held over the 9th and 10th March.

A huge range of organisations were involved in the event, which included many voluntary and grass-roots community groups. Among the organisations represented, there were a number representing youth groups and older people.

Representatives of the Stornoway Trust and Lewis Wind Power were on hand to discuss the Community Benefit and the distribution of profits from the proposed Stornoway Wind Farm ownership option.

Commenting on the event, John Buswell, Project Director, said: “We wish to thank all those who came on the day to give us their thoughts on how the local community can best realise the benefit from the millions of pounds over the project lifetime that this wind farm will generate for the area.

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“We are delighted at the level of response we have received from the local community. Some great ideas have been generated from across all parts of the community about how these sums should be spent. We will be analysing the responses we have received and will be engaging with the community in due course again to further refine these.”

Full details of the current proposals for the Stornoway Wind Farm can be found at: website