Street Pastors on Stornoway streets

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Earlier this year the Street Pastors movement was launched in Stornoway.

Having completed their training, seven local volunteers are about to be commissioned as Street Pastors at a service this week, and will appear on the streets of Stornoway at the weekends, when the streets are at their busiest.

Street Pastors is a world-wide movement, pioneered in London in 2003, and made up of trained volunteers from local churches who care about their community.

They patrol the streets, usually between midnight and 3am, at weekends, to care for, listen to, and help people out on the streets. Supported by the police and the local authority, the local Street Pastors are from a variety of churches, supported by a management committee.

Rev Dr Iain D Campbell, Point Free Church, is currently chair of the management committee. Isabel Macleod of Carloway Free Church is the local co-ordinator.

Dr Campbell said that he was enthusiastic about Street Pastors in Stornoway, and that he hoped that their work would be co-ordinated with other initiatives in the town to be a presence for anyone who needs support and help.

The commissioning service is in St Columba’s church hall on Lewis St on Saturday 19th December at 8pm, with the Street Pastors making their first appearance in Stornoway later that night.