Strike action at airport will start tomorrow

Stornoway and other island airports will be affected by the industrial action.
Stornoway and other island airports will be affected by the industrial action.

Prospect members working in airport group HIAL’s security company AMSL are set to strike for 48 hours following the Easter break after talks broke down at the end of last week.

Alan Denney, Prospect negotiator said: “Despite attempts to find a settlement to the dispute in AMSL, the inability of the company or the Scottish government to find a way to settle this matter means that industrial action is inevitable.”

Without further progress airport security workers will strike from tomorrow (Tuesday). This follows a ballot of members in which 87% of members voted in favour of strike action on a turnout of 85%. The timing is intended to minimise disruption for holiday travel.

Once this first 48 hours of strike action has concluded members will begin a work to contract, including an overtime ban and a ban on rest day working.

A spokesperson for HIAL said: “Following detailed discussions with Prospect, we believe we have made some progress with the union, with both sides showing willingness to compromise. We now require some time, with our Transport Scotland colleagues, to consider the issues we have discussed with Prospect.

“In the meantime, as a sign of goodwill, we have requested that the union postpone industrial action until we are in a position to reply to them in detail, which is entirely within their gift. Unfortunately, the union has insisted on an immediate response to their requests and we are simply not able to provide this. As a result, the union has confirmed that it will proceed as planned with its strike threat. We regret that, having come this far and made reasonable progress in our discussions, the union has presented an entirely arbitrary and unreasonable deadline, to which we simply cannot accede.”

They added: “We apologise to passengers for any inconvenience caused during the industrial action. We have been entirely reasonable throughout this process.”

Industrial action will commence at midday on Tuesday 7 April and will last for a period of 48 hours. Passengers intending to fly during this period should note that it is our intention to continue to operate 10 of our 11 airports as normal. However, Dundee Airport will close during this period.

Passengers at all other airports should ensure they arrive in good time for their flight and limit the amount of hand or check in luggage they take to the airport. Wherever possible, they should also limit the amount of liquids they carry or check in. These actions will help speed up the security process.

Passengers should confirm the status of their flight with their airline before leaving for the airport.”