STV stars swim with sharks

STV news anchor John MacKay and sports presenter Raman Bhardwaj have hosted the world’s scariest tea party in aid of the STV Appeal 2012.

John and Raman proved it is possible to hold a tea party anywhere as they braved the water to share a brew with seven Sand Tiger sharks at Deep Sea World, including Tinkerbell, the largest shark at over 12 feet long and weighing 30 stone.

John said: “I am of the Jaws generation, so I’m scared stiff of sharks and I swim like a brick.

“I was not looking forward to the shark dive and was hoping that I looked thinner than Raman so the sharks thought he was more appetising but I’m glad that I did it to raise money for this fantastic cause.

And Raman added: “John is a decent size so I thought I’d be safe hiding behind him, only to realise the sharks were coming at us left, right and centre. Just when they disappeared, up popped the stingrays.

“It was a unique challenge for us, which we were happy to face on behalf of this important cause. Hopefully it will encourage everyone to show their support for us and for the STV Appeal.”

The STV Appeal 2012 is encouraging people to put the kettle on to raise money for children and young people affected by poverty in Scotland.

Launched in 2011 by The Hunter Foundation and STV, it raised almost £1.3million in its inaugural year and STV spend 100% of the money raised on the kids who need it most.

To find out more information on the STV Appeal 2012, sponsor John and Raman via their Just Giving page, or download a Tea Party park, visit