Swimmers attempt St Kilda challenge

It’s take two as nine swimmers hope to be the first to swim from the Isle of Harris in the Western Isles to Dual World Heritage site St Kilda.

July 2015 brings the second attempt on the challenge by the St Kilda Swim Team who are undertaking the never-before-done feat to raise funds for four charities – The Leanne Fund, The Fishermen’s Mission, Yorkhill Children’s Charity and Aberlour Child Care Trust.

Following a route of 60 miles through the North Atlantic Ocean, the team plan to swim, in 45minute relay legs, from Hushinish, Harris, to Village Bay on Hirta, the largest island in the St Kilda archipelago.

Team captain, Colin Macleod said: “I would say that the swimming is the easier part of the challenge, it’s everything else that goes with it – making sure you keep warm, getting enough rest and recuperation, whilst also trying not to get sea-sick on a rocking boat!”

Sponsored by TalkTalk, the swim team will be accompanied by support boat the MV Cuma from Island Cruising, as well as three kayakers throughout the anticipated 48hours it will take to complete the challenge.

The first St Kilda Swim attempt took place in June 2014, but was called off after 22 miles due to bad weather.

Fair weather is now hoped for during the team’s weather window – July 10th to July 17th.

Said Colin: “Thanks again to TalkTalk for their support, the Team have been able to have a second shot at St Kilda. We’re all eager to finish the job this time and are waiting patiently for the weather window.

“The Team is on standby for the shout to don their wetsuits, and as one of the kayakers said are ‘like a pack of wild dog waiting to be unleashed!” he laughed.

Colin added: “I’m confident that we’ll get the fundraising swim done this time and the Team will be over the moon to be the first ones to complete this outstanding challenge.

“We’re not doing this for ourselves though; we’ve been training hard for this swim to raise money for our four charities.”

To find out more about the St Kilda Swim – and their selected charities – please visit: website

Donations to each charity can be made on the website, and you can also keep up to date with the swimmers through the ‘Follow Us Live’ link a GPS tracking device updating the website every 15 minutes.