Tackling giant rhubarb

The North Harris Trust are continuing their programme of controlling Gunnera (Giant Rhubarb) on North Harris, focussing efforts at Ardhasaig and Tarbert.

The plant can grow to two metres in height and out-competes many native plants with its large leaves, as well as causing problems blocking drainage ditches and access tracks.

The large seed heads can release thousands of seeds that are spread by birds, wind, water and traffic.

If you have any Gunnera on your garden or croft, you can help stop the plant spreading any further by cutting off the seed heads, bagging them and disposing of them in the Garden Waste skip at Urgha recycling depot.

If you need any other advice or are interested in helping tackle the Giant Rhubarb within the area, contact North Harris Ranger Matt Watts on 01859 502222 or email: ranger@north-harris.org