Ten bikes stolen in Stornoway area

Sy police station
Sy police station

Bike owners should be on high alert as police report a big rise in the numbers of thefts over the last two weeks.

One victim was local councillor Gordon Murray who had his bike stolen from outside his own home.

Having signed up to the Cycle to Work scheme, Gordon was really enjoying getting out and about on his new bike but he is this week left feeling disappointed.

He said: “Having enjoyed the cycle to work scheme over the last couple or months and trying to encourage others to bike it to work, I was dismayed to find today that my bike had been stolen from outside the house despite being locked up - hugely disappointed.”

Police in Stornoway have received reports of 10 bikes being stolen in and around the town over the last two weeks and there may be more which have not been reported.

They are advising the public to be vigilant in making sure bikes are secure and at night to secure in a location out of sight.

The good news is that they report they are now pursuing positive lines of enquiry in relation to the stolen bikes.

If you have any information regarding the bike thefts contact the Police Station by calling 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.