Terrier alert at Lochside Arena

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The annual Scottish SPCA dog show takes place at Lochside Arena on Saturday, August 29th.

The hugely popular event is likely to host as many as 70 dogs, of all breeds and abilities.

The ambitious canines will be entered into various classes that test compliance, agility, not to mention fun activities for dog and owner alike.

The venue really couldn’t be a better venue for the dog show, with lots of parking and indoor classes.

Obedience registration is at 10.30am sharp, with judging on this skill at 11.30am. Class registration is between 11am and noon. The judges will have their final say at 12.30, where the winning dog will be paraded before all participants and awarded the coveted trophy.

It’s not all about winning, say organisers, but indeed the taking part.

Dogs’ masters and mistresses will have the opportunity to enjoy the various stalls at the event, which will have all kind of curiosities to try and buy.

Classes will be a hit with kids, who can learn how to better handle their dog, and learn safety tips for when outside walking their pets.

Organisers, SPCA, look forward to a fun and rewarding time for man, and indeed woman’s, best friend.

Pictured is last year’s Best in Show winner ‘Todd’ with owner Ailsa.