Testimonial lunch at Stornoway’s Bridge Centre

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Two former directors of the Stornoway Bayhead Bridge Centre are to be honoured on Friday February 8th with a Testimonial Lunch arranged by the Centre’s Board.

David Green, immediate past Principal of Lews Castle College UHI, who gave very considerable service to the Centre as its former Vice Chairman, is to receive the Board’s formal thanks for his considerable contribution to the development of Bayhead Bridge Centre.

Unparalleled service to the Centre by Donald “D.L.” Smith is also to be recognised at the same function. A young person member of the Stornoway YMCA while at school, D L Smith rejoined the club after his National Service with the Army Air Corps, serving as a committee member and office-bearer from then until 2012, becoming a director of the Bayhead Bridge Centre at its inception.

One of the trio of Smith brothers responsible for Smith’s Shoe Shop in Stornoway, D L Smith and his brother John Alex both gave considerably of their time and efforts to the YMCA, and were on its management committee when the former building at Bayhead Embankment was opened in 1969.

This building was replaced by the present Bridge Centre (pictured above).