The Broken Ravens land prestigious Sunset Strip gig

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The thunderously talented Broken Ravens have landed a prestigious support slot at the famous Whisky-A-Go-Go on the Sunset Strip, purely on the power and merits of their own music.

The Broken Ravens are a band flying solo, without the backing of a label or even a manager, yet the response to taster tracks from a recently recorded EP has earned them a mini-tour of Los Angeles where the boys have booked a trio of live dates this November, including one supporting Puddle of Mudd at the world famous Whisky-a-go-go.

So far the band have done it all their own way and on their own terms, fielding, and humbly and politely rejecting offers to sign record deals. Even their trip across the pond is, like their EP, 100 per cent self financed.

“When you think of the people who have been on that stage in the same position as we are in ...” beams drummer Kevin Clark from his kitchen at home.

“Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue – who had a flat above the venue that you wouldn’t even keep a dog in. But its just fantastic and it still has that appeal it’s had for 40-years.”

In addition to the Whisky show on November 18 the band are also scheduled to play a show for Music Press Junkie blog in Northern California as well as a show in Burbank – these two shows sandwiched either side of the Puddle of Mudd gig.

It was during a two-week long trip to Los Angeles that the wheels were set in motion for the band’s opportunity to spread their wings and soar Stateside. It was far from a lazy holiday by the beach with the drummer pounding the streets and knocking on the doors to spread the word of the Ravens.

“I took ten flash drives with me, with our press cuttings, our biog, the video and a sampler of five tracks on it,” he said.“We put them all out in Los Angeles as well as ten CD’s I burned myself.

“They went out all over the place to organised meetings and chance encounters which went in our favour as well.

“One was in the Whisky where I kept in contact with the booker and when I asked if they had support booked for the Puddle of Mudd show he said ‘it’s all yours if you want it.’

“He even offered us the choice of three slots to play on the bill but the further up the bill you are the more tickets you have to sell. We don’t think Puddle of Mudd will have any problems shifting their ticket allocation but of our three billing slots I chose the opening slot.

“It’s nice and early and we can use it as a showcase. It’s going to be a Friday night on Sunset Strip, where we will be the last to soundcheck and the first on. Everything will be set exactly for us, plug in and play. Half an hour to absolutely show what we can do.

“It is really exciting and we might just add a fourth date. We all see it the same way and none of us are going over there for a sun tan – we are going over there to work.”

“I’m so, so proud of our achievement,” grins Clark, “unlike Our Lunar Activities which had management and labels and all the rest of it, we have nothing except the five of us in the band and we have managed to land a huge show on the strip.”