The end of milk production on Lewis?

Confusion mounts over the future of Goathill farm on Lewis as rumours circulate of the sale of bovine stock.

A report from The Scottish Farmer online publication claims Goathill Farm, on Lewis, will sell its last consignment of milk this summer due to the sale of the farm’s herd of 60 Holstein-Frisian cows.

However a local retailer told the Gazette that they are still receiving milk from the farm, although on a smaller scale, and that normal supplies may be restored in the future after calving season.

The retailer went on to say they had been informed by Goathill it was no longer financially viable to import milk from the mainland to be pasteurised on Lewis and used to supplement the amount of milk produced by the farm.

But stressed that they were not told the farm would cease producing milk completely.

The Scottish Farmer claimed that the farm: “Has been hit by increased competition from big suppliers and a rise in costs, not the least in fuel.”

Goathill Farm refused to comment.