The Highlands and Islands get Really Garlicky

WILLIAMSON Foodservice has teamed up with the Really Garlicky Company to ensure all their customers an improved service in the Highlands and Islands.

Really Garlicky approached the Foodservice company as they looked for ways to simplify their distribution systems and improve their business’s environmental footprint.

By offering a full distribution service, Williamson Foodservice has ensured that fresh stocks of all Really Garlicky products are available throughout their service area on a daily basis.

Gilli Allingham of the Really Garlicky Company said: “We are delighted that Williamson Foodservice is now the distributor for our products.

“Although they already supplied many of our existing customers, by adding Really Garlicky to the products they offer, we expect to extend our market and increase sales.

“It’ll also mean that our existing customers will receive their goods on a more regular basis than before – being a small company meant that our main distribution was limited to two days a week, but with Williamson Foodservice, customers will be able to receive their Really Garlicky products several times a week.

“And with Williamson Foodservice’s temperature controlled delivery vans, we have been able to reduce the packaging required to protect the product, and so lesson our impact on the environment.”

Gary Williamson of Williamson Foodservice, commented: “It’s a real win-win situation!

“We are really excited about adding a premium product from the area to the extensive range already available through our distribution service across the Highlands and Islands.

“By avoiding the minimum order size, many customers will be able to receive Really Garlicky products on a regular basis when it was not possible before.

“And with many of the products having a short shelf-life, for example the freshly prepared Really Garlicky Bread, our temperature controlled vehicles will ensure that it all arrives at the destination in first class condition!”

He added: “All this adds up to more choice for people across the Highlands and Islands as they begin to see the full product range from Really Garlicky appearing on the shelves of their local store.”