The Liam Aitchison story on BBC Alba

BBC ALBA’s award-winning current affairs programme Eòrpa returns this evening with a new series examining the most significant stories from across Europe.

The series begins with a special programme looking at the Liam Aitchison murder that occurred on the Isle of Lewis in November 2011. Speaking with Liam’s family as well as those who knew him and his murderers, reporter Darren Laing will present a unique insight into the first murder in the Western Isles in over 40 years.

The series will also visit the Faroes where sanctions on the landing of mackerel and herring at European ports have forced the islands to seek new markets. However the sanctions seem to have had little impact on the expansion of the fish processing industry in the Faroes, with women in particular returning to work in the factories.

Eòrpa will also report on the growing concern for the homeless immigrant population in Denmark who do not receive any Government assistance if they don’t possess a social security number. There are provisions for health care run by volunteer doctors, nurses and support workers however, with winter drawing in, charitable organisations are concerned as to how the immigrants will cope without appropriate shelter.

Eòrpa strives to highlight stories, often from lesser known parts of Europe, which receive little or no publicity in the wider media. The series has reported on some of the most fascinating, life-changing and historical events to have occurred in Europe - from the Balkan war, to the aftermath of the meltdown at Chernobyl; from the massacre in Beslan, to the plight of immigrants.

Produced by BBC Gàidhlig for BBC ALBA, the 21st series of Eòrpa will be broadcast weekly every Wednesday at 8.30pm commencing on Wednesday 13 November. Each programme is repeated the following Friday at 7.30pm on BBC ALBA as well as on BBC2 Scotland at 11.20pm on Monday evenings and BBC Parliament each Sunday.