The Scene - Woodlands Centre will host ‘An Alternative Christmas Carol’

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A big ol’ shiny, silver dollar moon in the sky, a seasonal powdering of snow on the ground and it was another fantastic musical adventure in the Woodlands Centre last Saturday night 28th November with (count ’em) four very different and very talented musical acts.

We started off with the ever evolving cult of groove that is GUTS (a.k.a. Callum Macleod - bass/vocals/and a whole menagerie of cool computer generated sounds and samples) accompanied by Dave ‘DC’ Macmillan on drums.

This is the GUTS I’ve been waiting to hear since the first gig and the sound that the artist has envisioned from the start.

With the addition of live drums and bass the songs/compositions just really came to life and took on a whole new dimension - big, full and panoramic.

On opening instrumental ‘Sell Out’, introducing vocals into the mix on ‘808’, the machine gun rhythms ‘Goodman’, the beautiful plinkety, Kyoto like synth pattern and soaring vocals of ‘Let’s Never Move In’ and epic monster closer ‘In Love’ - now that’s what I’m takin’ about! A superb start to the evening.

Next was Nottingham female singer/songwriter Georgie (Georgie Rose -

Inspired by “the classic” female songwriters of the late 60s/early 70s; Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, et al and especially Stevie Nicks (got that one right away in her vocal phrasing and inflection) she gave us an absolutely stunning set of solo acoustic originals ‘Daylight Flood’, ‘Everything I Want’, ‘Every Setting Sun’, new song ‘Uncover’, ‘Be the Fire’, ‘Twenty Mile Road’, ‘It Ain’t Me’ and her own already classic in the making ‘This Ain’t Heaven’ (have a listen to this…. Oh Man! What an absolutely amazing voice!.

Following this was Black Cub Rocks the local, high-energy trio of Niall Masson - lead vocals/guitar; Callum Macleod - bass/backing vocals and David ‘DC’ Macmillan - drums.

They gave us a bolt of lightning, at breakneck speed set that was just so toe-tappingly irresistible, I was immediately consumed by the music and my faced was locked in an ear to ear grin through their whole set of originals.

These included ‘Rinse Your Hope’, ‘WoOo’, ‘Lost Boys’, ‘Nostalgia’, ‘Athlete’ and ‘Heavy Young Club’ which went by in a flash - way too fast - I want MORE Black Cub!

I was feeling a lot of excited anticipation for the night’s headliners Macclesfield five-piece Racing Glaciers (Tim Monaghan - vocals/guitar/keyboards, Danny Thorpe - guitar/backing vocals, Matt Scheepers - bass/ backing vocals, Simon John Anderson - guitar, Matt Welch - drums/percussion) and they certainly didn’t disappoint with their sonic explorations and explosive mix of Shoegaze/Psych/Prog/ Post Rock and lush three-part vocal harmonies.

The set included opener and excellent current single ‘Seems Like A Good Time’, ‘Hintergerdanken’, ‘Moths’ from 2014’s Ahead Of You Forever ep, the spiralling, anthemic ‘Animal’ from 2014’s Don’t Wait For Me ep, ‘Sertraline’, ‘Carry It On’ also from Don’t Wait For Me.

They continued with the expansive space Rock of’ ‘Naked We Rise’ from debut album to be released in 2016, ‘Samadhi’ and the sonic storm that is early 2015 single ‘When I Wake Up’ (have a listen here:

The encore was ‘Summit’ from their self-titled 2012 debut ep. It was a majestic, breathtakingly, beautiful set from the RG’s and a wonderfully perfect night.

Next stop is Friday 11th December in the Woodlands Centre for the “An Alternative Christmas Carol” hosted by Colin Macleod and Katherine Macleod - a night of original music and festive covers featuring a line-up of local musicians: Neosa and Callum Macleod, Eleanor Nicolson, Jane Hepburn and The Dun Ringles and a special guest headliner the much lauded, Asylum Recording artist, Nottingham singer/songwriter St. Raymond.

Tickets are on sale now from the Woodlands Centre. And on Saturday 12th December in An Lanntair it’s Iain Morrison and band Pete Harvey: Cello, Gordon MacLean: Bass, Lori Watson: Fiddle/Vocals & Joe Smillie: Drums performing songs from his critically acclaimed album ‘Eas’.

Pictured are the Racing Glaciers who headlined a great line up at the Woodlands last weekend.