There will be lights - festive cut back but tree is secured

This year's spruce was cut by HHP from Doig Crescent.
This year's spruce was cut by HHP from Doig Crescent.

Despite a lack of funding there will be a Christmas tree in Stornoway town centre this year along with a light display in the Civic Square.

After budget decisions earlier this year no Comhairle funding for Stornoway Christmas decorations was allocated. However a sum of around £5,000 was generated through a Comhairle Civic Grant and donations from ward funds.

The budget will not cover the customary switch on ceremony - but the Lewis Pipe Band will play when the tree is lit at 7pm on Thursday 5th December.

The Stornoway Amenity Trust said: “We are pleased to announce that despite a drastic cut in Comhairle funding for Christmas Festive Lighting the Civic Square will be attractively decorated and lit.

“The Amenity Trust would like to thank Cllrs Iain Mackenzie, Rae Mackenzie, Angus McCormack, Charlie Nicolson, Angus Campbell, Iain MacAulay, Roddy MacKay, and Norman MacDoanld for their support and the Comhairle for the small Civic Grant.”

Leader of the Comhairle Angus Campbell said the budget consultation process “showed quite clearly” people wanted to see funds spent on areas other than Christmas lights. Asked if the funding might be restored in the future Cllr Campbell said: “It’s impossible to second guess what the situation will be.”