This week’s best beauty products: Models Own | Yoghanda | Olverum

Olverum Bath Oil
Olverum Bath Oil

GABY Soutar rounds up this week’s best beauty products

Back to black

Add a little Elvira styling to your beauty regime this Halloween with the help of this thick, robust and glossy gel varnish in black with dark green sparkle (we love the chunky brush too). It’s one of the 200 or so shades available at this brand’s new Bottleshop on the ground floor of Glasgow’s Buchanan Galleries.

GlitterGel in Starburst, £4.99, Models Own,

Potions to support a perfect tree pose

This new brand has just landed at Edinburgh’s Harvey Nichols, with a collection of powerful oils to use generally or before your yoga practice. The Detox version features a stimulating and addictive combination of lemongrass, sweet fennel and juniperberry, with a base of coconut and grapeseed oils.

Detox Organic Lemongrass and Juniperberry, £25, Yoghanda at Harvey Nichols,

Soak your cares away

It’s bath season, and this heady stuff is the ultimate oil to add to your tub. Recently rebranded (though it’s has been around since 1929) it features a strong, sinus cleansing and pleasingly retro hit of pine, as well as eucalyptus, lavender and geranium.

Bath Oil, £23.50, Olverum,