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Noble Isle
Noble Isle

GABY Soutar rounds up this week’s best beauty products

Lovely lippy

Part of Tom Ford’s Holiday 2015 collection, this chicly packaged ultra matte and velvety lipstick is a unique nude shade, with a hint of creamy pale apricot. We love it because it makes our lips look more voluptuous than is decent.

Lip Colour Matte in First Time, £42, Tom Ford,

Bath time

This sweet yet tart gel, which features real rhubarb extract, works up to a light and moisturising froth in the shower (or use it as a bubble bath). Also, its pump action bottle means you don’t waste a millilitre. We just wish it’d stop making us crave crumble and custard.

Rhubarb Rhubarb Bath and Shower Gel, £20, Noble Isle,

Freshly minted

We’re big fans of minty fragrances, and this slick and rich body lotion smells just like granny’s favourite buttermints, as well as comfortingly herbal rosemary. The smell lingers too, so it’s great for layering with your perfume, and the formula leaves skin with a healthy sheen.

Smoothing Souffle, £28, Origins,