This week’s Stornoway Gazette

Out today, Thursday 21st.
Out today, Thursday 21st.

In this week’s Stornoway Gazette, out today (Thursday 21st), read the full and exclusive coverage of Glasgow Rangers FC Chief Executive Charles Green’s visit to Lewis and find out about the concerns expressed by Teachers Unions following the decision to roll out e-learning in schools across the Western Isles.

Plus find out all the details of the Comhairle’s budget cuts with a full page guide on page six.

Also in this week’s Gazette the MV Isle of Lewis gets a makeover while Calmac consider MV Finlaggan’s return and how the Comhairle intend to stand up against the ‘Bedroom Tax’.

All this as well as your weekly entertainments guide, sports round up, district news, property, motors, letters page and much more inside this week’s Stornoway Gazette.