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This week we report on the aftermath of the Comhairle meetings last week.

The full council not only set their budget for the year ahead but also made a final decision on the secondary department of Lionel School.

Following an intense debate followed by a tied vote, Convener Norman M MacDonald had the casting vote which he used to go with the closure plan. Since then there has been much discussion in the community about the ifs and buts of the outcome, but our report on Page 3 regarding the capacity at the receiving school the Nicolson Institute may give some further food for thought.

Away from the Comhairle there is plenty going in on the renewables front as well with Stornoway Trust holding consultation meetings with the Grazings Committees on their plans (pages 1 and 6) and also Point and Sandwick Trust have reached a major milestone in their project see pages 8 and 9.

Find out about the visitors from the natural world on page 13.

Stornoway Port Authority is celebrating its 150th amniversary this year and on pages 16 and 17 we have a feature on a new book ‘SY StorY’ all about the port.

And there is another chance to vote for your favourite Cutie Pie, see our picture gallery of the little ones with voting forms on pages 33,34 and 35.

There’s plenty going on in the sporting world too with an interview with visiting Rangers players (Page 36) and a new record for local swimmer Kara Hanlon (see back page).