Thought of the Week - Duty to try and extend the hand of friendship

We are slowly moving towards the summer months and hopefully better weather!

We have seen some of the first cruise ships arriving at Stornoway full of people eager to take in what Lewis and the other Western Isles have to offer.

At St Peter’s, we’ve had numerous visitors who are really keen to find out more about the history of the building.

Some travel to in search of their Scottish ancestry and Church records can be very useful in this instance.

Whatever the reasons, everyone I’ve spoken to who has visited St Peter’s are unanimous in one thing, “People are so friendly and helpful” “This island is beautiful, you are so lucky”.

These are just a sample of the comments I’ve heard.

Now I know I’ve only been here for just over a year, but even in that relatively short time, I feel that I belong in Lewis and that’s primarily down to the warmth and generosity of everyone I meet.

Those of us who have made our home here have a duty to try and extend the hand of friendship at every opportunity.

By doing this we not only achieve great fellowship, but by example, our actions will encourage others to do the same wherever they travel in the world.

If a visitor to these islands is influenced by our good acts enough to replicate it elsewhere then we have done a good thing haven’t we?