Thought of the Week - Great joy from marriage

As you read this, my wife Sam and I will be in England preparing for our Daughter Natalie’s wedding.

I know I’ve touched on this before in previous submissions but the time is now upon us and to say we are excited is a massive understatement, so please forgive me if I re-visit old ground.

Sam has done the wedding cake, I’ve learned my lines, and we will be meeting the Bridegroom’s parents for the first time on Friday!

We have both experienced a wide range of emotions over the past 12 months and now that it is practically upon us it all seems surreal.

A couple of days after the wedding we will return home to Stornoway whilst Natalie and her husband Robert will relax on their honeymoon in Mauritius.

Life will continue and I hope that their union will be trusting, respectful and most of a loving one that will sustain them throughout their married life.

This is something that I try to instil in all the couples whose weddings I have officiated at.

There is great joy to be had from marriage despite the inevitable pitfalls that will no doubt arise along the way, and those of us who are already married will know that only too well.

I wish all who are soon to be or have recently been, joined in matrimony my prayers and best wishes.

Be open and honest to each other and most of all, never be scared to express your love for one another.