Thought of the Week - Peering between the cracks to see the problems

During the season of Lent which finished near the end of March, I decided to give up eating bread.

Now I love bread and I can tell you that I found it extremely difficult to avoid such is its regularity in my daily eating habits.

But I have to say, I was successful and I managed to lose just under one stone in weight as well; so it was a win-win situation for me.

In retrospect, the fact that I was able to give up eating a particular type of food at all makes me polar opposites to many in this world who could never even consider that luxury.

Those who live day to day on a meagre diet through no fault of their own lose weight alright, but not by choice.

Those who survive on the donations to food banks put necessity ahead of everything else.

Those who have absolutely nothing who are reduced to begging on the street eat only when the occasion arises. These are very sobering but unfortunately, very true statements.

Our modern world can be a cruel place if we just let it pass us by.

However, if we try to peer between the cracks, we will see many who have fallen through without anyone noticing, and that’s where we have a responsibility to reach out and help when and if we can.

Sure, the bread thing was a challenge for me, but it pales into insignificance when compared to those on the fringes of our society.