Thought of the Week - Practical and realistic help needed

It saddens me to see the devastation experienced by people in Cumbria as a result of the recent heavy rainfall.

It just seemed like an ‘action replay’ when I watched the news on TV. The same old excuses why it happened were espoused by the experts who were once again wheeled out to lecture everyone about climate change and what the future might hold for us if the world continues to ignore it.

Before you ask, no, I’m not playing climate change down here, but when you see a pile of family belongings dumped in a skip because of the ingress of water and sewage to their home, the last thing they need to hear is the possibility that it could happen again and in possibly larger proportions.

In a localised situation, the reasons do not resonate much.

The experts in the Met Office and Environment Agency will no doubt plot and plan for the next deluge whilst people try to recover what they can from the current flooding.

Situations like this can bring communities together, which has happened in Cumbria.

When we see our fellow human beings struggle, it’s natural to step in and help. Spending time wondering why it happened can wait till later.

It’s now that the help is needed, real help, not opinions and platitudes.

Money where its needed and practical, realistic responses to the resulting appeals.

I pray that those affected receive the assistance they rightly deserve.