Three day anti-violence initiative across Highlands and Islands


Police in the Highlands and Islands are reporting the success of a three day operation deterring and detecting violent and anti-social behaviour last week.

The ongoing anti-violence initiative, known as Operation Respect, saw officers conduct high visibility patrols and visits to licensed premises across the Highlands and Islands between last Thursday and Saturday (14-16 November 2013) with the objective to deter violent and anti-social behaviour, and to provide reassurance to local communities.

Police officers carried out eight searches, three of which were positive for drugs, three anti-social fixed penalties given for minor street offences and ten individuals being reported to the Procurator Fiscal in connection with disorder and road traffic offences, with three from custody. Eighteen road traffic offences were also detected.

Over the three days officers visited 459 licensed premises and carried out 32 bail curfew checks. Eight warrant checks were also carried out with one resulting in an arrest.

One notable aspect of the three day initiative was the introduction of the Force Flexible Policing Unit. The newly formed unit consisting of one Sergeant and six Police Constables has been established with the remit of tackling anti-social behaviour and incidents of violence across the whole of the Highland and Islands Division.

Chief Inspector Mark Mackay said: “Police Scotland would like to thank the licensees, staff and patrons for their positive engagement and support to our officers who visited numerous pubs, clubs and bars across the Division.

“I am convinced that this type of police activity makes a significant contribution to keeping people safe across our communities and will be particularly relevant as we move towards the busy festive period.”