Tolsta mum uses Twitter to set up support for others

Rosey with her children
Rosey with her children

A Tolsta based mum of three has taken to Twitter to create an online support group for mums suffering from post natal depression.

After suffering antenatal depression during her pregnancies and then post natal depression after the birth of each of her three children, Rosey Wren wanted to do something to fill the gap in support available.

She has now set up an online peer support group through her Twitter account @PNDandme and hosts an hour long session each Wednesday night from 8pm using the hashtag #PNDhour.

This regularly attracts between 30 and 60 mums and also healthcare professionals who come together to discuss topics relating to the under discussed subject.

“I experienced Antenatal Depression with my first two children, Kimberley (7) and Connor (5) however it went undiagnosed as I was too afraid to talk to a health care professional about how I was feeling,” explained Rosey.

“I was however diagnosed after an appointment with my midwife when I was 28 weeks with my third child and she encouraged me to speak to my GP.”

She said she was offered antidepressants and counselling but no peer support which she feels is crucial.

“I really would have benefited from peer support, having another mum whose been through it to say ‘I remember feeling that way and I promise you it gets better’.

“Most mums these days go to social media whether Facebook groups/Twitter or forums for support from their peers.

“It helps to alleviate the isolation that so often comes with motherhood especially when living in a remote place like the Outer Hebrides.

“I found my experiences with perinatal mental illness were made worse by the isolation I felt during those early months.”

She added: “My Twitter support network offers peer support for those who may not feel up to attending mother and baby groups or want support via counselling etc. #PNDHour Peer support is a great way for mums with antenatal or postnatal depression to see they are not alone and that they can get better.

“It by no means replaces professional support but can really help mums see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

You can follow Rosey on Twitter @PNDandme or visit her blog