The top ten most desirable views in Britain

The top ten most desirable views in Britain have been revealed.

Sunday, 13th March 2016, 1:00 pm
The top view is a beach view, according to the research.

The move follows new research which has investigated what makes for the perfect view according to those living in the UK.

The team behind the research found that beach views, coastal landscapes and picturesque villages are the most popular of the UK, while one in ten voted ‘industrial city life’ as the ideal scenery.

The survey was undertaken by the team at Hillarys,

Around 2,618 British adults took part in the poll, all of whom were aged 18 years old or over with an even mix of male and female respondents.

Initially, respondents were asked to identify the views they would most like to have from their house and provided with a list of suggestions. The top ten favourite views were revealed as follows:

1. Beach views - 71 per cent

2. Coastal landscapes – 65 per cent

3. Small, picturesque village life – 54 per cent

4. Farmland with animals – 46 per cent

5. Idyllic rural countryside – 39 per cent

6. Suburban community life – 36 per cent

7. Bustling city life – 24 per cent

8. Landscaped gardens – 23 per cent

9. Historic/heritage sites – 22 per cent

10. Woodland – 21 per cent

Further to this, 15 per cent stated that they would like to have a view of ‘other houses’ from their home, while one in ten (nine per cent) felt that a view of ‘industrial city life’ would be ideal.

When asked if they currently had their ideal views at home, less than a fifth (19 per cent) stated that they did. The average respondent stated that they would pay an extra 20 per cent for a house if it had access to their ideal view.

Helen Turnbull at said: “We have some incredible landscapes here in the UK; there is so much breath-taking scenery, it’s easy to take it for granted and forget how lucky we are.

“The lush green countryside and quaint villages might be traditional, but it seems we have our hearts set on sandy white beachfront houses. Happily, we have a fair few of those too! Although we may not be able to uproot our lives and relocate in to the scenery that our hearts desire, perhaps a jaunt to a well situated holiday home to soak up the atmosphere could be worth considering – or try creating a nautical environment at home to give us that seaside feeling.”