Tories are no friend of fishing, says Isles MP as he warns not to fall for ‘Tory Pretences’

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The Tories are no fisherman’s friend, says Western Isles MP Angus MacNeil, as he warns islanders not to fall for ‘Tory pretences’.

The latest pretence is an ‘assurance’ by Secretary of State for Scotland, David Mundell, that the UK will leave the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) by 2020 even if the Brexit transition period is extended.

Mr MacNeil said Mr Mundell is in no position to give any commitment on this given that the UK Government has no plan whatsoever for future fisheries management post Brexit.

The Tory Government are also continuing to fail the industry by refusing to assist with the ongoing crew shortage issue.

Mr MacNeil said: “David Mundell cannot given any guarantee on leaving CFP as there is as yet no plans for anything post Brexit.

“He and his colleagues seem oblivious to the fact that:

It was the Tories who took the UK into the CFP;

It was the Tories who enabled the concentration of fishing quotas in the hands of the few;

It was the Tories who were adamant just a few months ago that we would have to leave CFP pre March 2019 before taking a u-turn to accept the principle of fishing in any transition.

It is the Tories who cannot give any guarantee that there will be no shellfish waiting at borders, that no shellfish will be wasted either in March 2019 or after December 2021, or that lorries will not be delayed on their weekly rotations.

“There are too many Tory pretences on fishing despite ‘assurances’ being welcomed by Tory MSP Donald Cameron.

“The chickens will be coming home to roost for the Tories very soon and Mr Cameron, despite his bluster, knows it well.”