Town is set to scrub-up well for summer

The Lifestyle Lottery has raised thousands for community projects, which the Stornoway Amenity Trust will be putting to good use in the town this summer.
The Lifestyle Lottery has raised thousands for community projects, which the Stornoway Amenity Trust will be putting to good use in the town this summer.

Following on from the hugely successful Festive Season Lights Display, the Stornoway Amenity Trust have announced how they intend utilising the next pot of Western Isles Lottery (WILL) proceeds.

The group are embarking on a “Power Washing Campaign” and have identified priority areas of need from The Lewis Retirement Centre to Stornoway Sea Angling Club to kick-start the Campaign.

This will be undertaken very shortly by local contractor Donny’s Cleaning Services.

All businesses and residents throughout the Broadbay Area and beyond, are encouraged to have a look at their external walls and walkways and consider having them cleaned to brighten the area for the busy tourist season ahead.

Historically, the Stornoway Amenity Trust have taken responsibility for ensuring the town centre looks as pleasing to the eye as possible throughout the summer months but, with decreasing available funding, this was proving more and more challenging.

However, thanks to WILL Lottery funds, raised by Supporters in the Broadbay Area, plans are now finalised to showcase the town again with fresh and innovative ideas for everyone to enjoy throughout the summer months and beyond.

Over the years, floral displays have been exhibited around the Town and this year the Committee, alongside the Western Isles Lottery Team, have reviewed how they can utilise their available funding in the most cost-effective and sustainable manner possible in order that Lottery Supporters can readily appreciate how the support can benefit both locals and tourists alike.

A variety of fresh and, more importantly, sustainable, projects are now being taken forward including landscaping, signage, floral displays, and colourful seating areas to brighten up as many areas as possible this year.

The main contract was successfully secured by Willowglen Garden Centre and Comhairle nan Eilean Siar assistance has also been very much appreciated.

Charlie Nicolson, Chairman of the Stornoway Amenity Trust, said: “The scale of these upgrades would not have been possible without the creation of the hugely successful Western Isles Lifestyle Lottery which was launched just last August. “It was lovely seeing the town look so beautiful at Xmas time and hearing all the positive feedback from everyone that clearly enjoyed it.

“The Stornoway Amenity Trust Committee are very grateful for, and thank, the amazing support from WILL in assisting to help improve the Town Environment for our Community last year and continuing to support the SAT Committee’s plans for this year.

“The Committee have also agreed to giving four local groups an equal sum of funds so they can also contribute their own creativity to the overall plan.”

Janet Paterson, Founder of the Western Isles Lottery, said: “The Lottery was set up exactly for what the proceeds are being used for, across the entire Western Isles, and our Team are overwhelmed with the continued level of support it has received.

“We encourage more to join in across all areas so more improvements can be made.

“Just £1 a week from folk makes a significant difference!

“As well as the Lottery having raised an incredible £32,000 to date across the Western Isles, supporters have enjoyed sharing around £12,000 in prize money with cash prizes being shared every Saturday evening.

“We’re now very excited to be working alongside the Stornoway Amenity Trust and local Companies so everybody can enjoy even more benefits.

“It’s fantastic to be able to reward all our supporters with a much improved environment throughout the summer season as we prepare for our first birthday celebrations.

“We couldn’t have done this without the public’s continued support and we thank you all.”

You can Join in at or Telephone the dedicated Support Line at 0300 30 20 444.

All updates will be posted on both the Stornoway Amenity Trust and Western Isles Lottery facebook pages over the coming weeks.